Career Outlook for a Diploma in International Business

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A post-secondary diploma in international business can open doors to numerous career opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, production, retail, distribution, transportation and consulting. You can seek employment as customs compliance analysts, import/export documentation specialists, global logistics assistants or inside sales representatives.

International Business Scenario

A large number of businesses nowadays are either serving or planning to serve international clientele. Countless domestic organizations, operating in electronics, food and beverage, technology, banking and finance sectors, have expanded into lucrative overseas markets successfully.

This has brought a sea change in the modern business world, expanding its scope and influence. As more and more companies are expanding their reach and capturing foreign markets, they are keen on hiring professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled and well-trained in various aspects of international business.

The job prospects are brighter than ever. However, fierce competition can be expected in the job market. So, perspective students not only need to choose their college wisely, but are also required to develop in-depth understanding of the international business environment, ability to assist in or perform independently various tasks, such as

Processing customs compliance documents
Transportation of goods to and from locations throughout the world
Taking on a support role in the marketing
Sale of Canadian goods in the global marketplace

Developing Knowledge and Skills for Seeking Employment

A post-secondary international business program can help prospective students in building strong fundamentals in key concepts related to international business and skills to perform various tasks. It is a program that provides

A solid general business foundation
A specialized international business knowledge
An understanding of key concepts needed to build a successful business career

The program generally runs for two years, covering a wide range of subjects including:

Strategies for business success
Fundamentals of business
Mathematics of finance
Financial accounting concepts
Business operations
Business communications
Principles of microeconomics
Human resource management
International business concepts
Principles of marketing
Business analysis
Customs services and compliance
Global logistics
International marketing

Choosing the Right College

A number of colleges in Canada offer post-secondary international business programs. Unfortunately, not all are recognized. Besides, many colleges are unable to help students find employment after course completion. Therefore, it is important for students to evaluate the pros and cons of available international business courses and choose the one that best suits their career goals.

Centennial College’s international business programs in two year reflect high standards of learning. In addition, it offers strong employment prospects after graduation. Not only this, graduates also have an option to seamlessly transfer into the three-year international business course. Eligible graduates also have opportunity to apply their credits towards further studies to earn a university degree.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, students will need:

A secondary school diploma or equivalent
English grade 12 C or University or equivalent
Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent